Laminate floors are popular because of their durability, easy maintenance and versatility. They have been designed to always look shiny and clean. However, proper maintenance is important to keep it what way. Quite often dirt builds up and use of wrong cleaning products and solutions could leave some unwanted residue behind. This makes the laminate flooring look dull and lifeless. However, it is possible to get back the shine and sheen back on laminate flooring. We are sharing some useful tips which could help in cleaning your laminate floor thoroughly and also make it looking shiny and good at all points of time.

Importance Of Regular And Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning is at the crux of keeping your laminate flooring in good shape. Vacuuming is recommended provided you use only hard floor attachments. This will prevent scratching the laminate. If you wish to hand clean it, use only a microfiber mop for removing dirt and dust from the surface. Avoid using vacuums which come with beater bar because it could lead to scratching of the floor.

Choose The Right Cleaner

Often we come across a haze which covers the laminate floor. This is caused because of the use of wrong cleaners. Many homes often use oil based and soap based cleaners, which leave a film of residue behind. To remove these thin layers and prevent it from recurring, you must use a floor cleaner that is specially formulated for laminates. You could also try a homemade solution of water, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and make a mixture of the same. The mixture should be directly floored onto the floor. Avoid using too much of water because laminates are not designed to absorb water.

Importance Of Using The Right Mop

Always remember to use a clean, and flat headed microfiber mop. You must ensure that the entire section of flooring is wiped in the direction of the grain. While the surface should look slightly wet, you should not overuse water because of reasons mentioned above. Avoid using sponge or string mop because they tend to leave streak marks behind and they are also not known to absorb moisture fully.

Sweeping Is Important

The good old broomstick still continues to play a big role when it comes to cleaning your laminate flooring. Dirt and dust buildup apart from making your floor look dirty could also lead to scratches. Sweep at least every alternate day for the best results, especially in homes where there is quite a bit of traffic.

Mopping, Using Floor Mats And Cleaning Spills

Regular mopping also goes a long way in keeping the laminate floor in good shape. You must mop the floor at least once a week after vacuuming has been done. Here again use a laminate friendly cleaner and stay away from harsh soap based and oil based cleaners.

Use of door mats is highly recommended. They help in capturing dirt, dust, moisture and mud apart from welcoming guests. Inculcate the habit of opening shoes and footwear outside the homes.

Finally you must ensure that spills are cleaned immediately. Though laminate floorings are tough and durable they are not meant to be wet for long periods of time. When food spills remember to pick up solid waste with spoon or towel. Liquid spills, puddles and other such things should be wiped clean using a soft towel or cloth. Wet laminates will most certainly get damaged and warped.

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