Vinyl flooring is mostly used in commercial or institutional buildings although it is not impossible to install vinyl tiles onto your kitchen floor. Tiles made from vinyl material are options to most people since vinyl is cheap but highly durable. Besides that, cleaning vinyl floors also does not require hard efforts. Basically, cleaning vinyl floors is not much different from cleaning tile floors in general. It requires regular dusting, sweeping, and damp mopping.

How do I clean or properly maintain my luxury vinyl flooring?

1. Dusting

To prevent budding debris on the floor, daily floor dusting is necessary. Use a fluffy and soft dust mop for easy cleaning. Invest a good-quality dust mop with removable parts which can be washed when it begins to get dirty. By using this kind of dust mop, you will save more money compared to floor dusting with disposable cloth dusters.

2. Sweeping

Use regular sweep and dustpan in order to remove debris. You can also make use of a vacuum cleaner for faster and easier job. Use soft brush attachment while vacuuming to avoid scratching on the vinyl floor.

3. Damp mopping

You do not need harsh chemicals to do damp mopping. All you need is fresh, warm water. You can add mild soap solution or other mild, pH neutral cleaners at another time.. When damp mopping, make sure to always use clean water and discard the old one when the water starts thickening. Rinse the floor after the soap mopping. Dusting or sweeping prior to mopping should be made a habit since it will make the flooring twice brighter.

4. Deep cleaning

Wring the mop well prior to applying it on the vinyl floor. Rinse the floor with clean water after cleaning vinyl floors with vinegar formula.

Commercial products used in stripping wax from the floor usually contain alkaline solution. Vinegar is basically an alkaline but in weaker form. It will not help you a lot when dealing with strong wax build up. For alternative homemade wax stripper, pour a cup of laundry detergent and cup of ammonia into a gallon of water. Use stiff brush for better result.

It is important to make a habit of cleaning and sweeping the floor as regularly as possible, at least once a day is recommended, and to place doormats at entrances where people are more likely to come in off the street. Once the surface has been swept cleaning is simply a matter of a mop and some warm water followed by natural drying.

Vinyl is also susceptible to heavy objects and the weight of the object may mark the vinyl, and there is a real risk when moving objects, especially if they are very heavy and the temptation is to drag rather than lift.

If your floor is scratched it is possible that grime and bacteria will build up over time, even if you clean regularly. It should be obvious if you notice any subtle changes in the color tone or a ‘dulling’ of parts of the floor. There may also be a stain you simply can’t shift and in that case you would be advised to contact a vinyl floor cleaning company to restore it to its original condition before re-sealing.

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