You must be a proud man or woman if you have bought a hardwood floor of your dreams. You must have spent quite a bit of time researching and then zeroing in on the right and it must have taken quite a bit of effort and of course money. You might be resting on your laurels and you have reasons to. This is because hardwood floors are known for their low maintenance and upkeep.

This does not mean that you can keep these floorings completely free from maintenance. You need to understand the importance of preventive maintenance. We are happy to share some proactive maintenance tips that could help your hardwood floor remain new and shiny and prevent them from fading with passage of time. The age-old proverb “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” is very much apt and applicable here.

Clean, But Clean The Right Way

Yes, hardwood flooring also requires regular cleaning but you must ensure that you use the right cleaning agents. Always stay away from harsh cleaning solutions made from chemicals and other synthetic agents. Learn to use natural cleaning solutions made from organic substances. Research, gather information and then decide as to which the best option is. Synthetic cleaning agents lead to the top layer of the flooring becoming dull and worn out after a period of time.

Prevent It From Too Much Of Light

Direct, hard and strong natural light is not what your hardwood flooring can tolerate. If you are keen on keeping your flooring shiny and fade-free, use UV shielding windows. Alternately you could use some sun light filtering options like window shades, screens and other such options. A great option would be to go in for natural light filters in your ceiling. This will not only light the entire space but also prevent the hardwood from being exposed to cruel and direct UV rays continuously. Many homes also plant plants and shrubs outside their windows which act as a natural barrier for movement of ultraviolet rays inside the homes.

Move Things Around

We all easily fall victims to patterns and straight jacketing. We decide the places where we need to keep our furniture, wardrobes, bed and other fixtures and fittings. Once we do it, we wait and watch and this process lets years pass by. Long term placement of furniture in one place could damage hardwood flooring and remove the top layer and make it look old and worn out in patches. It would be better to move things around and it need not be done every week. Doing it twice or thrice a year could be enough. It will go a long way in keeping your hardwood flooring new and fresh and give very good value for money on your investment.

Finishing Regularly Helps

Regular inspection of the hardwood flooring and being alive and aware of the slightest damage could prevent quite a bit of wear and tear. Go for corrective steps and refinish the hardwood flooring even when you come across the slightest damage. This will keep you on your toes and you will know beforehand the slightest damages which might be cooking up on your hardwood flooring.

Take Professional Help

Finally, there is nothing wrong in taking professional help when it comes to your hardwood flooring. Hire their services because they are experts and have the wherewithal and skills to do a good job of preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance as and when needed.

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