Clean carpets inside of a home say a lot about a homes cleanliness and appeal factor. You don’t want to invite company over to a house that is dirty, filthy carpets. It’s disgusting and anyone in their right mind will think the same thing. There are a few things that you can do to get all of the dirt and grime up off of the carpet and maintain its clean look so that you can invite people over without having to worry about them judging you and your house in a bad light. Here are a few clean carpet tips on How to clean carpet.

The most obvious answer to cleaning your carpet is by use of a vacuum. Some vacuums can harm the carpet so than they can help it. This is especially true if you are using an older vacuum that has seen better days. These old clunkers can stain the carpet even more and they also tend to throw harmful dirt and debris into the air which will really affect people who suffer from allergies. Use a newer trustworthy vacuum to pick up all of the dust and dirt off the floors first before you move on to more advanced carpet cleaning methods.

If your carpet calls for more cleaning than what a standard vacuum cleaner can deliver, you may want to look into investing into some kind of steam cleaner carpet cleaner. These are expensive contraptions to say the least, but you also have the option to rent them as well. The steam cleaners use high-powered steam, water and other chemicals to not only suck up the dirt and debris, but also to wash and actually clean the fibers of the carpet.

Once you have gone over the carpet with a vacuum and/or steam cleaner and there are still spots that need to be cleaned up, then it is time to move on to some more drastic clean carpet measures. Go to any hardware store and you will find some advanced carpet cleaning products that you can use to effectively lift most stains up off of the carpet.

If you have kids or pets, you will surely want to make sure that you choose natural cleaning products that have no harmful chemicals or ingredients. Look for carpet clean products that have clear labels that state that they are natural or organic.

It is best to try out your new cleaner on a part of the carpet which is not usually visible such as behind a sofa or a cabinet close to a wall. Water is heavy and the weight of the cleaner is greatly increased when you fill the clean water tank. Most cleaners only require a couple of passes to clean the carpet. If you apply too much water, it will take a lot longer to dry the carpet.

For stains which cannot be drawn out of the carpet it is best to use a color safe stain remover. Stains are always in the most visible areas of a room. Again test the stain remover in a unseen part of carpet to check if it affects the color of the carpet. If you have children and pets and anyone who may suffer from the effects fumes from the cleaning solution, it may be wise to run the steam cleaner over the carpet again with clean water to dilute the vapors.

After you have the cleaned your carpet it is best not to put it straight away into the closet. You and your machine have worked hard clean you carpet. Unfortunately all the dirt and bites the vacuum cleaner failed to remove from the carpet which could not be dissolved are now clogging up your steam cleaner. Most cleaners are made with maintenance in mind. The brushes, nozzles.

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