Usually people think that carpets can be dangerous for the people suffering from asthma and allergies caused by dust. Earlier people having dust allergies and asthma were advised to remove carpets from their home as well as workplace because they can trap dust mites and allergens which can trigger their problem anytime. But, according to various recent researches, it is a misconception.

A study conducted by the Allergy and Asthma Society of Germany, DAAB, in 2005 has focused on the fact that wall-to-wall carpet in a room can improve the condition of the people suffering from dust allergies and asthma as it improves the quality of air in that room. According to the results of this study, bare floor of the room can increase the risk of raising air borne fine particles of dust which can be reduced by using a wall-to-wall carpet in that room.

Though it is true that carpets can hold dust, hair and dander but this disadvantage of the carpets can be boon for the people sensitive to those allergens. In fact, allergens on a bare floor or hard flooring surfaces like vinyl flooring or hardwood etc. are free to move with air wherever they want. When the air moves either by walking in the room or entering the room through open door or windows it takes the hair and dust particles lying of the hard or bare floor with it. When this air is breathed in by the allergic and asthmatic people then it triggers their problem more profusely.

On the other hand, when the room is carpeted wall-to-wall then it does not allow the allergens held by it to move with the air and hence helps in maintaining the quality of air suitable for allergic people. This shows that the carpets are good for people suffering from dust allergies and asthma instead of bare, hard or uncarpeted floors.

Another study conducted by the Carpet Institute of Canada in 2008 has further supported this idea in its reports. They conducted this research in 8 different countries for 19 years and concluded that carpet installation in a room, can neither cause allergies such as asthma, nor can they increase the severity of the symptoms. Actually it has been proved through various other studies also that carpet can be associated with very few symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Another survey conducted by the European Community Respiratory Health, in various European countries along with Australia, USA and New Zealand, has also supported the idea that a room fitted with rugs and carpets can have least chances to trigger the symptoms of asthma and respiratory allergies.


It has been proved with the help of the studies discussed in this write-up that the carpets are good for the people suffering from asthma and dust allergies as it can neither cause any of these conditions nor can worsen their condition by encouraging their symptoms. Most of these studies have proved that the symptoms of allergies and asthma can be reduced by doing wall-to-wall carpeting in the room of people suffering from these problems. It can trap the allergens and does not allow them to travel in the air with the wind to worsen the quality of air to be breathed in.

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