JOhuTextures actually let you know how the flooring feels when you walk with your feet on it. They come in different textures and additionally they also can go a long way in creating the right aesthetic appearance.

Many people pay attention to the texture when buying laminate flooring. While some could be soft and subtle textured, others might have an obvious look and feel to it. While there are many variants to the textures, the most common or wood finish, wood grain, handsraped, oiled wood, brushed amongst others. We can install all of these textures so feel free to check out our main service page.

Handscraped Laminate Flooring

Handscraped laminate flooring is perhaps one of the most popular because it closely resembles real hardwood flooring. You will certainly come across knots of different patterns and colors. You also could see textures that are handscraped but a bit deeper. There are also softer laminate floors which might have softer textures of colors and patterns.

Brushed Laminate Flooring

This is another popular texture and when has a cursory glance at it you might feel that the laminate flooring has been actually brushed using a metal wire. There are many classical minded customers who could like to go in for brushed laminate flooring. It has a vintage style and appearance to it. It might give out an aged and worn out look but it is still now quite popular for those building old style villas and bungalows.

Laminate Wood Flooring – Oiled

Those who are looking for laminate flooring which are inspired by natural designs it makes sense to go in for oiled wood flooring. This type of flooring mimics that of hardwood flooring which are well tended and well maintained. It comes with a beautiful sheen and shine and can give a sophisticated and new look to your home. It can fit into any rooms, whether it is dining, living or bedroom.

Wooden Textured Flooring

Wooden textured laminate flooring offer perhaps the most diverse and widest texture options. If you come across any floor which you are not able to fit into a specific texture can be categorized under wooden textured laminate flooring. They come in many different varieties and textures. While few may have a synchronized appearance, others could have an uneven or ridged appearance. There could be some textures that could be soft while on the other hand there could be a few more which are extreme and noticeable. Wood grain and wood finish fall under this category.

High Glass Piano Finish

This is perhaps one of the best textures when it comes to shine and reflection. It may not have a specific texture because in most cases it is smooth and there are no ridges or indents. They are suitable for those who are keen on having that modern and sophisticated flooring. Maintenance could be a challenge for this texture of laminate flooring because they could easily become dirty. Footprints, finger prints and smudges easily settle on them and they should be cleaned at regular intervals.

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