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Do you love the look of tile floors but hate the thought of having to clean all of that grout all the time? Do you dream of hardwood floors but hate the price tag? Laminate flooring might be the best option for you.

From glossy, modern tile to rustic, textured barn wood, laminate flooring comes in the perfect style for your Richmond home.

LevelFinish is prepared to install your new laminate flooring to give your home the update you deserve.

Laminate Floor Installation Richmond VA – 20 years experience

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  • LevelFinish are a professional team and have worked on many local projects throughout Richmond. Get in touch today and make the most of our cheap prices
  • As Laminate contractors we also provide a strong underlay for each job.

Who can install hardwood flooring in Richmond?

Once you have finalized the design vision for your home and chosen the right types of wood and finish to make it perfect, the next step is choosing your hardwood installation contractor. You want a competent professional who will listen to your needs and correctly install your new hardwood floors so that they last for years to come.

At LevelFinish, we are prepared to start your project today. We promise to provide the best customer service and smoothest installation of any other flooring contractor in Richmond. Call us at 804-393-9283 to get started installing the hardwood floor of your dreams.

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Install Correctly To Avoid “Gapping”

It’s not secret that improper installation can turn your affordable remodel into an expensive nightmare. When not installed correctly, laminate floors can come apart – a process called gapping – or be pushed together to create bumps or ridges, called peaking.

These installation mistakes can allow water underneath your floor and cause damage to both the laminate and the subfloor underneath. Working with an experienced contractor like LevelFinish will ensure that these you never have to deal with these frustrating situations.

Why choose Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring blends affordability, strength, and style. Whether you’re looking to finish your brand new home or spruce up your existing space, the odds are high that this is the choice for you.

  • Its affordable. – It’s significantly cheaper than hardwood, carpet and tiles floors.
  • Perfect patterns. – Designs are printed directly on the laminate, this results in a flawless appearance without variation, adding a sense of perfection that real tile and wood lack.

  • Half the price of Wood floors. – Achieve the same feel without breaking the bank.

  • Easiest floor to clean. – You’ll never have to wax or polish your laminate floors. Just sweep and mop, and the floor is free from dust and dirt.
  • Works everywhere. –Laminate installations can work in any room of the house. All laminate options are water-resistant, and some can be made completely waterproof.

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