What are the health benefits of vinyl flooring?

health benefits of vinyl flooringThere are not too many floors which are suitable for some of the wettest environments in the home.

You may need to find an option for your bathroom, kitchen or utility room,

or perhaps you have a conservatory which needs a new covering on the floor. In any of these rooms, the most suitable and affordable option to consider is vinyl flooring. Maybe you are thinking about Installing vinyl tiles on top of laminate flooring, which ever the case is you can find all the health benefits right here.

Health and Safety Considerations

You may have considered tiling but this can cause problems with safety. If you have the wrong tiles placed on the floor of your kitchen or bathroom they can become a slip hazard. Vinyl can be made with a natural grip which reduces the chances of slipping if there is a spillage in the kitchen of wet footprints on the floor once you get out the bath or shower. If you have older people in the home or small children choosing safer flooring options is always advisable, although anybody can slip and seriously injure themselves no matter how old or young they may be. We take health and safety very seriously at LevelFinish, especially when it comes to vinyl flooring. Read more about our service and how we can help you lay the perfect vinyl floor.

Benefits for Damp Rooms

So why choose vinyl flooring over another product such as carpeting? Well, carpets are made from fibers which are the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once wet and damp the carpet can quickly become filled with mold and mildew creating unpleasant smells and an unhealthy environment. Vinyl, on the other hand, is mold resistant. The floor can easily be dried out meaning that mold does not have the time to grow and spread.

Cost Effective

Vinyl has come a long way since the seventies and eighties. It is possible to find natural looking floors which still have the benefits of being nice and cheap yet very durable in the most extreme conditions in the home. Using photographic images you can have almost any type of pattern or styles which look a lot more expensive than the actual final product really is. There are many different options from stone to wood, patterns to tile. The flooring looks authentic but does not have the large price tag or many of the problems associated with the materials which are being reproduced in vinyl.

Easy to Lay

You can find tread safe vinyl flooring in large sheets cut to the size you need or in easy to use tiles. Each option is reasonably easy to lay yourself if you do not want to pay out for help. You will need a strong cutting knife, safety gear and it is advisable to use an adhesive glue and carpet strength sticky back plastic on the edges to create a waterproof seal.

Easy to clean

Vinyl flooring will provide you clean and hygienic. Vinyl wood floor is water resistant and it is used to protect from any sort of bacteria. It is very hard to avoid when you have carpets or another type of materials. Such floorings are highly stained resistant if you clean them at regular interval of time. Regular cleaning helps you to be safe and more hygienic for your kids.

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