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Tile Installation Richmond VA

When choosing a new floor, it’s important to consider the lasting value of your investment. Will the floor still be in style when it’s time to sell your home? Will you have to replace it again in a few years to keep it looking nice?

With tile, these concerns are negligible. A long-lasting, classic style that has remained popular for thousands of years, tile flooring will stand the test of time.

LevelFinish and our team of experienced tile contractors in Richmond are prepared to help you install a tile floor that will keep your home beautiful and stylish for years to come. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Keep reading to feel even more confident in your decision to equip your home with tile flooring.

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What are the benefits of tile flooring?

The remains of tile floors can be found in the ancient architectural ruins of many different cultures around the world.  As early as the second century AD, Sri Lankan kings chose polished tiles to line the royal floors.  Clearly, tile flooring has withstood the test of time because of its appearance, practicality, and ease of repair.

Tile floors are incredibly cost-effective. Purchase costs are low relative to other flooring choices, and they last much longer without needing to be updated or replaced. Not only can tile floors withstand years of use, but they are also resistant to damage from the sun and will not fade.

Tile floors are water, stain, and pet accident proof when installed correctly. There’s no risk of dirt, mold, or allergens hiding in your floor or throughout your home, unlike with carpet. Plus, they’re a breeze to clean. Just sweep or mop the floor, and all debris or dirt will disappear.

Another health bonus of tile flooring comes from its creation process. Tile contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can leave an odor in your home and contribute to a wide variety of health concerns.

A bonus in the warm Richmond climate is the fact that tile floors do not hold heat. Even on the hottest summer days, your tile floor will be cool and comfortable under your feet. Installing tile throughout your home will help keep your cooling costs lower.

Tile floors are also easy to repair on your own if need be, though they’re extremely impact resistant and repairs shouldn’t be needed often. Unlike carpet or hardwood that require redoing large sections of the floor for one tiny flaw, tiles can be replaced individually. This ease of repair keeps projects small and affordable.

How do you choose the right tile installation?

Tile exists in every shape, size, and color you can imagine. Plus, you can combine different styles for even more possibilities. The versatility of design can be overwhelming, but that’s where the guidance of your decorator or contractor can be useful. They will help you be confident in your tile selection.

Two types of tile are common for flooring installations: ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic tiles are easier to cut and cheaper to purchase. Porcelain tile is more dense and durable, but costs slightly more up front.

Because tiles are so hard and heavy, they require special tools for installation. While anyone can theoretically install tile floors, it’s best left to professionals who are experienced with the necessary mortars and grouts and have the essential tools to ensure the job is done correctly. Remember, tile floors only maintain their water and stain-proof qualities when the installation is flawless.

Who can install tile flooring in Richmond?

Once you’ve decided that tile is the best option for your home, choosing from the myriad of design options available for your floor is not the only decision to make. Selecting the contractor to help guide you through the process and ensure that your tile installation is correct is just as important as knowing how you want it to look.

LevelFinish is prepared to take on the job as your contractor for your next tile project in Richmond. Our team is standing by to ensure that your investment in tile flooring will not only look amazing but also will hold up for years to come.

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