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Vinyl Floor Installation Richmond VA

Over the years, vinyl flooring has gained a reputation for being delicate and short-lasting. Not long ago, it fell out of favor as a worthwhile flooring choice for high-end homes and businesses.  However, that’s no longer the case.

Modern vinyl flooring has significantly improved and is an excellent option for busy and high-traffic spaces. As a fully water-resistant and low-maintenance flooring option, luxury vinyl takes things up a notch from other floor types, providing the look of wood or tile without the considerable price tag.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also an environmentally friendly choice for the eco-conscious consumer. Vinyl flooring is recyclable when it comes time to replace your floor many years down the road. Also, it is often created using recycled pieces. Almost 99% of scraps created in producing vinyl flooring are reused throughout the manufacturing process. This means that choosing vinyl as your flooring option will help increase the value of your home while reducing your carbon footprint.

LevelFinish is your flooring expert in Richmond. Keep reading to see if waterproof, eco-friendly vinyl flooring might be the right choice for you.

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What are the benefits of vinyl flooring?

Vinyl floors have many characteristics that make them ideal for busy spaces. To start, vinyl is available at a more affordable rate than the real materials while still providing the look of wood or tile. Vinyl planks are only a fraction of the cost of hardwood or ceramic tiles.

As a 100% water-resistant flooring option, vinyl is easy to maintain and ideal to use in bathrooms, kitchens, or areas with children or pets. To increase the already impressive water resistance, luxury vinyl planks can be installed with glue. This creates an entirely waterproof flooring option that will survive all of the spills and dampness that might occur.

Cleaning vinyl floors is easy. All you need to do is sweep and use a vinyl-safe floor cleaner. This is far less time consuming than caring for hardwood or other floor types. Additionally, vinyl flooring is stain-resistant, which adds to the longevity of your installation. The ability to maintain its appearance despite spills adds to its value in kitchens or homes with young children.

Vinyl flooring doesn’t echo, but instead absorbs sound waves. This helps to reduce noise in large, open spaces or areas where people are frequently walking and talking. Plus, vinyl flooring is comfortable to walk on. You won’t hear the movement of those around you, and your body will feel better after spending time on your feet, unlike with tile or cement floors.

As a bonus, vinyl has antistatic properties. This means that moving boxes or furniture around will not cause added electrical buildup. It also means that you can walk around your home in just socks without the fear of shocking yourself the next time you touch something conductive.

How can you choose the right vinyl flooring installation?

Vinyl flooring planks include a commercial-grade wear layer on top and are reinforced with fiberglass to increase their durability. However, vinyl flooring can be delicate and easily damaged without proper installation. Most installations are performed by experienced contractors to ensure that the floor remains smooth and unblemished.

Vinyl floor installations require a smooth surface underneath to prevent any bumps or imperfections from being noticeable. These bumps below can cause wear and even holes in the flooring surface. While it’s possible to install vinyl on top of cement, granite, tile, laminate, or other flat surfaces, plywood subfloors are the most common choice to ensure that your floor remains smooth and damage-free.

Working with an experienced flooring contractor will guarantee that your investment in vinyl flooring will hold up to the test of time. Risking damage from improper installation can lead to replacing your floor much sooner than you planned.

Who can install vinyl flooring in Richmond?

LevelFinish is your go-to team when it comes to correctly installing your new vinyl floor. Our contractors have the experience necessary to be sure that your flooring investment will stay beautiful for years to come.

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