Hardwood flooring is a way better option than the carpet at your home. Hardwood flooring gives a layer of protection to your floor and safeguard it from natural damage.

The hardwood flooring is a costly choice but there are many benefits. It comes with a warranty and grand shine. So you are surely going to use it with a relaxed mind.

Before choosing your hardwood floor there are a number of things you should consider – the style, the color, types of flooring, the choice of wood, gloss and lighting.

Different types of hardwood finishes (Site finished or Factory Finished)

There can be two types of hardwood finishing – the site finished and the factory finished.

Site finished means the wood will be raw and the coating will be done at your home, before you. You have many choices to make. The warranty will be limited.

Factory finished means the finishing process will be done in the factory. It will be ready before reaching your home. The process of installation will be quick and you will get some good (20 years or above) warranty.

The Types –

1.Wax finishes

It was used before the modern finishes were used. This finishing is good but without regular maintenance the woods will be dull and bad looking. It is still a common one.

2. Oil based finishes

This finish has a good V.O.C content. The polyurethane takes about ten hours to dry. It gives a great finish and this is a famous method.

3. The water based finishes

This finishes are expensive. It requires more coats. It dries up in less time and the odor is lite. The modern process gives it durability. It is nature friendly. It has low v.o.c.

4. Moisture-cured urethane

The finish is highly water resistant. The strong v.o.c. present in it make the process of applying more harder. The finish has good longevity. Only professionals can apply the coat .The odor will be there for some days. It is more expensive than any other process.

5. Shellac

It is a natural ingredient. It goes well with wax . It is not expensive. Time to time coating is necessary. It has been used in the old houses. The finish is not so durable. The damaged portions can be erased with alcohol before applying a new coat. Before applying this shellac, you may test it. It may not go well with your wood.

6. Penetrating sealer

This finish uses a natural oil, called Tung oil. It goes deep into the wood and gives it a hard finish. Within two to three years it requires coating. The process of application is simple but it takes long time to dry. It has low V.O.C and lower odor.

7. Swedish finishes (Acid cured)

For professional finish and to get a really tough, hard floor this method is just great. The process is really expensive. With extremely high v.o.c., the finish has good amount of odor. Perhaps you may not have to stay at your home or office for some weeks. The floors will be usable within 4 days. It is recommended to left it for sixty days, to complete the finish.

8. U.V. floor finishes

This finish is for those who are in hurry. The floor will be ready to use within hours. The finish uses U.V or ultra violet technology to dry the floor. This finish is good for commercial sectors.

9. Aluminum oxide

An extremely durable coating. For rock solid finishes this method is used. It needs special process to refinish.

10. Varnish

This is an old process. This finish is durable and has high v.o.c.

Before applying all the the finishes it must be remembered that the humidity in the air, the weather and the condition of the wood play an important role. Talk to an expert and know which finish suits best your floor.

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